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Something to get excited about at the Barbican







For those that don’t already know, the brilliant John Malkovich will be gracing the London stage for a 2 night only event at the Barbican. In the Infernal Comedy, Malkovich will be the sole actor on stage and will be portraying the notorious serial killer Jack Unterweger to a score that includes pieces by Mozart, Beethoven and Haydn. It promises to be a must-see and, as yet, it has seemed to have slipped under the perennial theatrical radar.

In another event at the Barbican, the theatre group, Duckie, who have said they like to mix the ‘arthouse with the dosshouse’, are putting together a piece that will take its audience through the night and in to their dreams. They are going to transform the Pit into a sleepy commune and have encouraged audience members to attend, clad in their nightwear. And what’s more, they provide breakfast first thing in the morning. It will certainly be a soporific experience and even at the hefty £40 price tag, will undoubtedly be a performance that will remain with you for a very long time, even if those memories will be swimming largely in your unconscious.